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Will and Abby
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Welcome to our family photo album!

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Abby is one now! I can't believe how fast this year went by. She is getting around by crawling still. She will stand for minutes at a time. Just when you think she's going to walk, she melts down to the floor and starts to crawl. She is eating more table foods now even though she only has her 4 front teeth. Her favorites are grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza. She also loves vanilla yogurt. Abby loved eating her birthday cake but didn't like to be sung to. Check out her birthday page.

Will is still Will. Funny as ever. He's always saying something that makes us laugh. His vocabulary is that of a teenager and he uses all of the words at the right times. As Ryan would say "We're doomed.". A couple of examples: " I don't have time for this!" and when he was making a mess in his room I asked him what his room looked like he just looked at me and said "crap". Great;) We can't imagine where he gets this!!

I think sometime in the near future I am going to re-do the site. It's just getting so big. Feel free to e-mail with any suggestions.


This could be trouble.

Will loves his baby sister.

Will cuddling Abby.



Mom's got a new favorite picture.

Will and Abby on the 4th of July.

Double trouble at Grandma's.

Will sat behind Abby and said " take a picture from me!".

Playing in the crib.

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