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Will and Abby
Video Mpegs.
Will's Page.
Abby's Page.
Photo Gallery.
Photo Gallery 2.
Vacation Photos.
Day at Seabreeze.
New Photos-added 9/9/02.
Abby's Photo Shoot.
New photos-added10/2/02.
More photos. 10/11/02.
Will's Third Birthday.
More Holidays.
New photos added 12/11/02.
Abby turns one!!
Video Mpegs.

Here are some video mpegs. Click on the links to see the kids in action.

Abby cooking. 1/03.

Abby laughing. 1/03.

NEW! See our smart dog, Scout.

Abby talking. 11/21/02.

See Abby dancing. 11/23/02.

Will's favorite trick. 11/02.

Will's name. 11/02.

Abby playing peek a boo. 11/02.

How big is Abby? 12/6/02

Abby on the microphone. 11/02.

Abby on the mic again. 11/02.