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Will and Abby
Day at Seabreeze.

We went to Seabreeze on August 25. Abby liked watching the lights and hearing the sounds of the rides and games. Will enjoyed the whole experience. He went on the kiddie rollercoaster with Grandma S. Yes, Grandma actually went on a rollercoaster. A true milestone for the both of them. Then he did the cars, planes, boats, merry-go-round, and then the bumper cars with Dad. Will played ski-ball and the digger game and reluctantly went in the water park. It was neat to see him do all of the things that we remember doing as kids. A bit sad, though, as I realize that my baby is growing up.

Let's go do some damage!!

Grandma and Grandpa need to get a new boat!


I've learned to drive a car, a boat, fly a plane, and work a digger!

Hold on tight!

Gentlemen, start your engines.....

Wow! So much to see.

Okay, I've seen enough.